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Senior Vice President of Business Development Chris Wilson breakaway broker quote

BREAKAWAY BROKER: Benefits Consulting Has Changed
January 16, 2019

  A breakaway broker is willing to break away from healthcare’s unsustainable status quo to have the unique opportunity to position him or herself as subject matter experts in value-based health plans. The benefits market is racing towards health plans built upon data transparency and measurable, long-term returns versus discounts. This re-alignment of client-consultant interests  … Read more

In caes You Missed it series image for Healthcare Highways: a healthcare organization that is creating the next generation of health plans, provider networks, and healthcare companies.

October 5, 2018

Our executives bring over 340+ years of direct healthcare experience to Healthcare Highways. They share their insights here in our Subject Matter Expert …

Health Care Highways offers high-performance netowrks saving self-funded employers up to 35% in health benefits while improving employee health outcomes.

High-performance Network: What it is, Does & Why It’s The Future (Again)
September 21, 2018

A high-performance network offers a cost-effective solution to the continued rise of health plan premiums, while sustaining employee benefits…

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