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A look back as we look ahead, from company president, Alan Scoggins

Healthcare Highways set out to create a health plan with components working in concert to lower total cost of care and to fulfill an enterprise-wide mission: Delivering measurable healthcare value and access to quality care.

Value-Based Care: a viable, long-term solution to healthcare costs

“Value-based care” (VBC) and “fee-for-service” (FFS) are key terms for self-insured employers seeking financial control over annually increasing employee health benefit costs.

Care Coordination reduces unnecessary treatments, benefitting those who need it ...

Insurers are encouraging the use of care coordination teams to reduce unnecessary treatments, re-admissions, and treatment redundancies — especially in populations with chronic, complex medical concerns.

Why have Texas schools stopped opting into the TRS, and why do so many want out?

In 2002, Texas created a health plan managed by the Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS), but over the past several years, complaints about the plan’s lack of cost savings and poor quality control have grown.

Three questions to slash health benefit costs

If your clients are like 93% of employers, affordable and cost-saving health benefits are important to them. On average, about a quarter, or $760 billion of US healthcare spend is wasteful or inappropriate.

Press releases

We are excited to announce Peter A. Brawer, Ph.D., as our new EVP, Chief Strategy Officer of Hospital Partnerships

July 19, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca Preston, M.D., J.D. as our new Chief Medical Officer

June 28, 2021

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