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Challenging Healthcare
to do Better.

We deliver measurable healthcare value to employers, plan members, and service providers. Our mission to “challenge health care to do better” makes us committed to building flexible, affordable health plan solutions to optimize your employee healthcare expenditure with transparent, high-performance networks, care coordination, and full pharmacy-benefit management options for small, medium, and large businesses.

Take back your business.

Transformative, value-based care options require collaboration; that’s why we work with you to create the solution that meets your organization’s unique employee health care needs. No more inflexible, one-size-fits-none health plan and PBM options. Through choice and competition we are bringing new solutions that let our clients worry less about managing their healthcare spend and more about running their business and retaining healthy, productive, loyal employees.

As the parent company of the following businesses we provide integrated, independent healthcare, plan, and network solutions for self-insured clients. We collaborate with our clients to change the way their health plans are used to help solve the rising cost of healthcare.

Healthcare Highways GAP

Supplemental medical insurance


Pharmacy benefit-management services

Healthcare Highways Health Plan

Integrated products for
large companies (more than 100 employees)
small businesses (2-100 employees)


Care coordination/population health
Joint venture with Stratifi Health

Healthcare Highways of Oklahoma

Includes Oklahoma Health Network’s
(OHN) statewide broad networks and
high-performance networks

Healthcare Highways of Texas

Statewide high-performance

Healthcare Highways of Louisiana

50% of Verity HealthNet Statewide
high-performance networks
includes Verity HealthNet and
First Choice networks

We Serve.

We provide healthcare solutions for a diverse array of employers, claims administrators and payers, healthcare service providers, brokers, consultants, and health plan members. Contact us today to benefit from the 300+ years of combined expertise.



Join Our Team.

A team at heart. We are looking for the creative, the analytic, the innovator, and the care taker. We need thinkers and doers with a passion for learning, a drive to succeed.

Develop the tools and products of tomorrow, equip businesses with the solutions they need to grow, deliver analysis and insights, or help us support the people who make us great.

We invest in our team members and their families with competitive hourly, salary, and bonus pay options (dependent on position), bereavement leave, 401K retirement savings plan, life insurance, dependent care reimbursement, flexible health spending accounts, dental benefits, vision benefits, PTO, seven paid holidays, floating holidays, flex time, and long-term care options.

We believe in supporting each other, our families, and our communities, too, which is why we support our team members serving jury duty, voting, and fulfilling obligations of military service.

If you have a passion for learning and the drive to succeed we want you on our team. Find a current opening that best fits you

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How to Assess The ROI of a Benefits Package: Time, Access, Cost
May 15, 2019

Employee access to care, provider incentives, control of employee population health data, and member/patient care experience are chief concerns of self-insured employers. These concerns fall into two categories—those directly related to the employer’s workforce and those indirectly caused by external parties.

The Rx For Savings: Pharmacists’ Role in Value-based Care
May 1, 2019

Pharmacists are not only experts, they are some of the most accessible and trusted healthcare professionals. Their greater involvement in patient care within value-based care models has a positive impact on the health and wellness of patients–and costs.

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CARE COORDINATION  The healthcare system is a complex network of independent entities, including service providers, insurers, and government organizations. Patients must monitor their progress within a web of physicians, specialists, payers, and regulators without access to a centralized medical record repository. This fragmented view of their medical journey makes it difficult for patients and their  … Read more

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