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The Harmful Effects of UV Rays, and What You Can do About it

Summer is the season where UV safety awareness is needed the most! Learn the importance of protecting your skin and eyes from UV radiation.

Immunization Schedules for the Whole Family

Following the recommended immunization schedules ensures you and your children are protected from illnesses and disease.

Group B Strep: Explained

According to the CDC, about 1 in 4 pregnant women are carriers of group B strep (GSB). Learn what it is, who is at risk, and prevention.

Texas Child Mental Health Resources for Parents and Students

There are several resources in Texas to help guide parents through the ambiguity of caring for children struggling with mental health. We have compiled a list for just for you.

5 Questions About PTSD Answered for PTSD Awareness Month

We have compiled a list of 5 common questions and answers about PTSD as June 1st marks the start of PTSD Awareness Month.

Men's Health: 4 Tips for Healthy Aging

A study from the CDC found that men in the U.S. die 5 years earlier than women and are at higher risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, etc., as they age.

You Need a Primary Care Provider: Here’s Why

Find out why PCPs are considered the first point of entry into the healthcare system, and why the value of having a PCP increases over time.

Breathe Easy with Proper Asthma Management

Do you know the difference between mild asthma and severe asthma? The way doctors define the severity of asthma may surprise, and confuse, you.

Mental Health in Motion: The Exercise Effect

Th effects of exercise on mental health are immediate. We'll explain you how and why exercise should be an essential part of your mental health toolkit.