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Healthcare Highways - Employers

We deliver measurable healthcare value to employers, plan members, and service providers. Our mission to deliver measurable healthcare value to employers, members, and providers by driving innovation, inviting collaboration, rewarding quality care, and delivering customer-centric solutions means that we are constantly challenging health care to do better.

Our health plans prioritize the primary care physician-to-patient (P2P) relationship, supported by our embedded care coordination, within our cost-saving, bespoke broad and high-performance networks Our approach ensures:

  • Higher employee engagement

  • Higher employee medication adherence

  • Higher wellness plan compliance

  • Healthier, more productive employees

  • Optimized healthcare benefit packages

  • Sustainable savings in Total Cost of Care (TCOC)

The results of our success in obtaining the above for our clients has been actuarily validated to deliver projected savings of 21 to 28% in the total cost of care.

Survey Says.

The 2018 Kaiser/HRET Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits points to an unsustainable situation: employers’ total contributions to premium costs are rising by 5% annually, with no slowdown predicted. Insuring one employee costs in average of $19.6K. The future success of your company demands a sustainable, affordable healthcare benefits solution.

Take Back Your Business: Be Self-Funded.

What is a self-funded employer?

With a self-insured (self-funded) health plan, employers (usually larger) operate their own health plan as opposed to purchasing a fully-insured plan from an insurance carrier. Employers choose to self-insure because it provides greater savings potential.

Become a self-funded business. We have everything you need to begin your journey to take back control of your business expenses and provide your workforce with improved health outcomes.

Already self-funded?

Not all health plans are built to give you the data transparency, year over year savings, and improved health outcomes over time for your employees. Tired of short-term, one-shot discounts, unclear data reports, and rising annual costs? We have your solution.

Making the Transition: Care Continuity and Support Program

During onboarding, our Care Continuity and Support program (CCS) approves in-network benefits to be delivered by an out-of-network provider for a limited time for qualifying members. This ensures members approved for the program undergoing certain active medical treatments transition safely to our provider network. Our clinical team collaborates with the member’s current team of healthcare providers, our care coordination teams, and our provider networks during this process

Learn more about the CCS program, requesting approval, and the approval process.

Flexible, Affordable Quality Healthcare

We work with employers to empower them to take back control of their business from inflexible, expensive plans filled with confusing and low-value service options. We build plans that work for your company—not one-size-fits-none legacy networks with single-shot discounts.

Each network is built and managed locally by Healthcare Highways professionals who understand the markets they serve and where the quality health care providers in their geographic area are located. Our dedicated account managers learn your company’s unique needs and actively guide your organization through your tailored enrollment process, with easy-to-understand materials that streamline your internal communication and implementation processes, support your HR team, and engage your employees. Prefer to self-serve? We give you the tools to create a system that works best for you through our employer portal.

Our proprietary networks are the foundation of our client’s success in reducing costs and providing high-quality care. Our independent networks of providers allow us to create partnerships that benefit all parties. Our broad and high-performance health plan networks are designed to deliver the right access to efficient, quality care

The combination of our high-performance provider networks and strategically aligned Healthcare Highways Health Plans deliver improved health outcomes and lowers the total cost of care (TCOC).

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