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Healthcare Highways helps companies focus on outcomes by giving them independence to control their costs and gain more data transparency.

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Healthcare Highways is pushing back with proven solutions that bring competition back into the healthcare marketplace through high-performance provider networks, value-based contracting, and personalized care coordination.


HCH TrueChoice™ Level Funded Health Plan


Introducing our newest product offering HCH TrueChoice™ level-funded plan, a health plan that gives employers savings and a greater reward.

HCH TrueChoice™ was built for mid-size groups of 15 - 500 covered employee lives and is a fully integrated product designed to maximize all components for total cost of care savings.

It’s time to make the right choice.


By creating outcome-driven provider networks, tailoring services around what employers need to administer and maintain a plan, and offering personalized embedded care coordination to ensure the right healthcare decisions are made,
everybody wins.

Tailored Healthcare Delivers More / Case Study

A national retailer sought independence from national payers to gain control over its health plan data.

3 questions. 10 minutes.
15-25% savings.

Do you have 15+ covered employees? Want more control over your health plan? Want to save in your overall TCOC?

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