The Importance of the “P2P” Model

We want you to have increased volume and better patient engagement. To support physicians and specialists we offer data reporting and risk-management tools, a Provider Support Team, and a secure Provider Portal. The commitment that we make to each other and our employer partners ensures that the members and patients we jointly serve receive affordable, quality care.



Please select the HH Provider Login if the patient's group number begins with HH.

Please select the HCH Provider Login if the patient's group number begins with HCH.

Please refer to the member’s ID card for  contact phone numbers for all others.



Healthcare should be re-centered around the primary care physician-to-patient relationship (P2P)

Utilize our provider search directory and find the network(s) associated with your patients’ plans by searching here.

Your success is our success.

Tell us what makes your practice unique and how we can best partner with you on this new pathway to affordable and quality healthcare.

Interested in joining the Healthcare Highways Network?

Healthcare Highways offers exceptional customer and provider services; a provider portal where you can check claims, review authorizations, validate member benefits/eligibility and more. You can continue to use your EDI solution for claim submission and remittance. We don't have to cut through red tape to get things done, allowing us to be creative in partnering with our providers. We're here for you! We have a high performance network, promoting collaboration between providers in order to provide the highest quality of care to your patients.