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A Health Plan Challenging Healthcare To Do Better.

The Healthcare industry currently operates like an automotive market that sells only a handful of similar make and model options with a single, high price point. Healthcare must be affordable throughout life’s stages, which requires different treatment options and amounts of care—like cars of different makes and models at varying price points. Employers of all sizes are requesting progressive, new options—new makes and models—from their benefits managers and brokers, who in turn, want to provide an affordable solution that will promote a healthy, productive workforce for their clients.

Healthcare Highways sets out to be that solution, consistently empowering self-funded employers and saving them money, while providing their employees with benefits that are affordable and member health-centered. The large national insurance organizations are providing the best benefits packages they can from rigid networks they have acquired over time, which is why their options vary so little and rely on short-term discounts to stand out. We negotiate directly with value-based care providers and medical facilities to create proprietary, patient-centric networks of healthcare providers selected for their history of efficiency and high quality of care.

The value of our health plan is tracked and measured in the same way we track miles to the gallon or calculate resale value—a task made possible with our transparent data reporting and reliable, rapid data access. We own our carefully curated, proprietary networks, rather than lease existing ones to ensure flexible access to high-quality providers and truly customizable benefit options. Our clients own their data. That means lower premiums and better employee health outcomes for businesses of all sizes. Our integrated care coordination, telemedicine, pharmacy options, flexible networks, and administrative services help businesses take back their profit margins and improve employee health outcomes.

Traversing the highways of the healthcare industry requires more than a high-performing vehicle. You need a navigator: a care coordinator. Care coordinators guide members through their wellness journey to help ensure optimal health improvement outcomes. Our embedded care coordination program is designed to re-establish the patient-to-primary care physician (P2P) relationship. You don’t take your car to the salesperson who sold you the car and its warranty when it needs maintenance or repairs. You take it to a skilled mechanic. Through our P2P-oriented, care coordination-supported benefits packages, members receive the guidance and care they need to navigate Life’s bumps, turns, and tune-ups.