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Health Care Highways offers high-performance netowrks saving self-funded employers up to 35% in health benefits while improving employee health outcomes.

High-performance Network: What it is, Does & Why It’s The Future (Again)
September 21, 2018

A high-performance network offers a cost-effective solution to the continued rise of health plan premiums, while sustaining employee benefits…

Find out what can be done to combat the high cost of coverage and why is it increasingly at odds with profitability and your margins.

Employee Health Plan Costs Too High? Try These Five Ways To Maximize Its Value
September 6, 2018

Employee health plan value and expenditure is a concern that permeates organizations from employees to Human Resources all the way to the C-suite…

Health care is costing your business and your employees. We can help!

Rising Healthcare Costs in 2019: What Will it Cost You?
September 5, 2018

Rising healthcare costs have grown faster than the general U.S. economy. That increase has translated into higher premiums for employers and…

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