Delivering High-Performance Solutions

Michael Wilson here, CEO of Healthcare Highways.

In 2010, we imagined Healthcare Highways as something of a local network solution for employers and providers in the Dallas area.

Seven years later, Healthcare Highways premiered HCH Sync Network, our signature high-performance network built for Texas, with Texas-sized expectations: Bring together an exceptional provider network that delivers superior quality and remarkable savings.

Today, HCH Sync Network of Texas stands out for delivering on that idea statewide. With one of our core corporate pillars being Ingenuity, we designed our business for flexibility and growth through being innovative and original.

In the past year, we’ve approved and added 16 hospital systems with over 5,000 high performance specialty physicians and primary care physicians to HCH Sync in Texas.

HCH selects Sync providers based on their commitment to high performance related to health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and healthcare affordability. In short, we curate our network with providers who embrace excellence in the care they provide along with a willingness to offer the best price point in the marketplace.

Here are some of the industry standards we use:

HCH builds vital healthcare partnerships with high-quality providers; these partnerships hold strong as we look ahead to 2023—our coverage area now reaches beyond Texas with rapidly growing networks in Oklahoma and Louisiana.

When we say, “Tailored healthcare delivers more”, we mean it. If you are looking for more from your group’s health coverage, HCH wants to help you create a health plan option that adds value in ways that matter most to your employees. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter or get in touch with us here for more details.