A look back as we look ahead, from company president, Alan Scoggins

In January 2010, two well-known Texas-based health systems approached Michael G. Wilson and his experienced team with a critical need: building high-value networks--smaller, more selective networks populated with healthcare providers that have agreed to negotiated prices in exchange for directed member utilization. Wilson was the ideal mind to lead such an endeavor as he and his team had spent most of their careers creating customized solutions for self-insured employers looking for an alternative to high-cost insurance carriers and their broad networks. What transpired over the next several years was an evolution to create several high-performance networks that lowered the total cost of care for health plan sponsors and their members. More importantly, it set into motion a sequence of events leading to the fully integrated, high-performance health plan now known as Healthcare Highways.

We deliver measurable healthcare value to American businesses and enable our members to achieve healthier lives. Founded on a commitment to speak with candor and collaborate with all stakeholders, Healthcare Highways quickly caught the attention of others looking for answers in a complex and costly industry. In early 2014, the company began pushing beyond high-value networks to solve for additional solution gaps challenging employers. Healthcare Highways set out to create a health plan with components working in concert to lower total cost of care, supporting each as a stand-alone solution until they could be fully integrated to work in concert to fulfill an enterprise-wide mission: To deliver measurable healthcare value and access to quality care to our members by inviting innovation and collaboration, rejecting the opaque, rewarding quality care, leveraging highly performing networks, and aligning customer-centric solutions.

“As we went into different markets, we found they had one thing in common — a lack of real choice in healthcare coverage." Michael Wilson, Founder & CEO, Healthcare Highways

In 2013, Healthcare Highways launched its Small Group Funding Advantage, a health plan built for small business owners to limit their risk and reduce cost. The company created its Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), now known as CerpassRx, a year later. It focuses on by offering tailored clinical services and high-touch member services through health plans like Healthcare Highways Health Plan. Verity HealthNet in Louisiana joined the Healthcare Highways family of companies and HCH Deductible Relief was launched in 2015. Healthcare Highways Health Plan was formally incorporated in early 2017. Today, Healthcare Highways is a health plan backed by a high-performance network that delivers quality care, cost savings and sustainable value.

Builds and acquires high-value provider networks

Builds components to help control TCOC (patient-focused PBM, deductible relief, and claims administration)

Acquire and grow health plan solutions (Verity, Century Health, Healthcare Highways Health Plan)

Incorporates fully integrated health plan including high-performance networks and care coordination

505K+ Lives Covered

"Through our total cost of care focus our savings are double what the major health plans can offer self-insured employers. More importantly, Healthcare Highways ensures quality care for its members. This is how we are challenging healthcare to do better." Michael Wilson, Founder & CEO, Healthcare Highways

As premiums and out-of-pocket costs continue to rise, payer frustration has reached a crisis point. Current healthcare costs are not sustainable, and forward-looking employers, benefits managers and brokers know this. Healthcare Highways is proud to serve those willing to push beyond the costly confines of major insurer health plans. I'm excited to be a part of this journey as we look to the future. We will do more than deliver quality care at a fair price--we'll transform the healthcare industry into one that invites competition, rewards transparency, and delivers innovation.