The Power of Preventive Care


Better health starts with preventive medical care—a term most used to describe the recommended screenings, check-ups, counseling, and inoculations that prevent or reduce the likelihood of illnesses and diseases like cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, depression, and other conditions that affect physical and mental wellbeing. Taking advantage of preventive care is the first step toward living your life in better health.

Worth the Effort

Health care is complex, but the idea behind preventative care is simple: preventing—and outlasting—disease depends heavily on whether or not we look for signs of disease frequently, before symptoms start. Choosing a primary care physician (PCP) makes it far more likely that you will fill prescriptions and complete preventive screenings. In fact, research shows that patients with access to primary care experience better health outcomes across all populations.

By taking advantage of preventative health care services, communities reduce the risk of diseases, traumatic health emergencies, and death. In the event that a life-threatening condition does manifest, regular screenings will increase the chance of catching it early on rather than in later stages.

Annual or bi-annual check-ups are recommended to allow your doctor to monitor your readings, determine your risk of chronic illnesses, and prescribe treatment if needed.

Where do I start?

Healthcare Highways members can search our website for providers in their network, or contact our Customer Experience Advocates team to get person-to-person help finding a PCP and specialists in your area.