Healthcare benefit costs are devouring your budget, workforce productivity, and employee raises.

For employers ready to:

  • take back control of their second largest expense after pay roll,
  • provide affordable, high-quality health care benefits,
  • retain top talent,
  • protect their profit margins.
  • and meet shareholder expectations


--value-based care (VBC), care coordination, ACOs, Fee for Service (FFS), aren’t buzzwords—they’re critical business knowledge.


Healthcare and Your Company:

Everything You Need To Know To Take Back Control

You Weren’t Invited to Your Health Coverage Negotiations (And Why)

Self-Insurance by The Numbers

Five Ways to Maximize Your Current Health Plan

How Healthcare Benefits Are Key to Retaining Top Millennial (And Gen Z) Talent

Why Inappropriate Healthcare Matters and What Employers Can Do About It


The only sustainable, healthcare benefit solution that lowers the total cost of care year-over-year while improving employee health outcomes long-term is a self-insured, value-based care health plan, like Healthcare Highways Health Plan.


This isn’t marketing spin.

It’s the everyday reality of businesses like yours grappling with today’s healthcare industry.


The status quo offered by large, national insurers is unsustainable:

  • Lack of population health data transparency and accessibility
  • Annually rising health costs with lack of population health oversight
  • A lack of measurable, long-term improvement in employee health outcomes


Our free, instant download guide provides employers with the knowledge required to lead your company on the path to give more and pay less—year over year.

Healthcare and Your Company: Everything You Need To Know To Take Back Control, today.


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