Building a health benefits program for a public school district and implementing it successfully is no easy task. Between the growing complexities of health plan design, limited school resources, and challenges over teacher retention, ISDs have one of the most difficult RFP seasons in the public sector.

This checklist will help human resource professionals and benefits managers evaluate value based-care health plans during the RFP process.


Ensure your broker or consultant will deliver a creative plan design.

The outdated approach to RFPs focuses on metrics like deductibles, copays, and networks. But health insurance is not the same as healthcare — and your teachers and staff deserve healthcare that offers more than just outdated metrics that come with health insurance. This will require a broker willing to cut ties with major carriers (and their financial incentives to keep you as a customer), in order to deliver innovative, transparent health plan options focused on improving faculty and staff health outcomes.


Secure alignment around what you want to change.

Before diving in, audit and align key decision-makers on the desire for change and a solution with long-term, measurable results. What is the goal of the plan? Does leadership want to achieve cost savings and control costs for employees? Where does access to quality care or reducing illness-related absenteeism rank?


Have a communications strategy.

No health plan will be actively utilized and effectively released if it doesn’t have buy-in from the full faculty and staff. To convey administration’s goals around healthcare and maintain compliance throughout the district, make benefits education and communication a year-round effort, not just during open enrollment. To ensure employees are engaged, communicate the benefits to them in detail. Your health plan account managers should be ready and willing to help you craft this messaging.


School districts face enough obstacles on their journey to successfully identifying and implementing a health plan.


Use this RFP checklist as a guide and ask your broker to look into Healthcare Highways Health Plan for Texas school districts or reach out to us directly.


An ISD Guide to Selecting Healthcare Benefits