The healthcare system is a complex network of independent entities, including service providers, insurers, and government organizations. 

When every dollar counts to stave off furloughs, pay cuts, and permanently closed doors this fragmented view of treatment efficacy is unacceptable. 

Care coordination models leverage a trained team of care givers that cover the healthcare delivery spectrum (i.e. Registered Nurse, Social Worker, Behavioral Health) and who work with the patient and primary care physician to facilitate delivery of the necessary healthcare services sequenced in the most appropriate order, at the right time, and in the proper place. Our model of coordinated care incorporates: 

Deeply engaging providers who believe in collaborative care.

Healthcare Highways partners with providers who have demonstrated track records of efficient care protocols and improved health outcomes. These physicians are continuously monitored to meet quality standards, practice efficiency, and improving patient lives. 

Empowering effective care management through acquiring and sharing data insights.

Easy access to meaningful data aids providers in proactively managing a patient’s ongoing healthcare needs. 

Creating incentives for quality, efficiency, and patient experience.

Providers are financially rewarded for efficiently improving patient health outcomes. Care coordination created marked member engagement and health outcome improvement for several clients in Oklahoma over the course of just one year: 

  • Hospital re-admissions dropped from 11.71 percent to 9.84 percent 
  • Breast cancer screening rates increased from 63.81 percent to 72.04 percent 
  • Colo-rectal screening rates increased from 30.53 percent to 41.56 percent 

In financial savings, a large public entity client in Oklahoma save more than $10 million dollars in medical and pharmacy costs that same year.  Employers intent on providing their employees a more effective suite of healthcare solutions should consider care coordination a prerequisite component of their health plan strategy. Employees enjoy a higher quality of care, and the entire organization will reap economic benefits in a lower total cost of care.

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