What we do

It can be a bumpy road for employers who are searching for the right health plan for their employees. Medical costs continue to grow, yet the workforce’s health and performance aren’t improving. Both employers and employees struggle to contain their medical spend. Kaiser/HRET Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits, 2006-2016, multiple indicators point to an unsustainable situation:

With low national unemployment rates, increasing benefits expected in new-hire compensation packages

Staggering increases in cost: over the past 10 years, employers’ total contributions to premium costs is up 58%, and employees’ total contribution jumped 80%


A workforce where 48% have at least one chronic condition.


Where over the past 10 years, employers’ total contributions to premium cost is up 58%,


and employees’ total contribution jumped 80%.


Waste accounts for 37% of the US’s total spending on healthcare.


Flexible, affordable, quality health plans

Our flexibility and collaboration allow your company to create a custom program for its healthcare needs, using some or all our options--in any combination. Build a plan with pharmacy benefit solutions and other healthcare service offerings that offer measurable value and savings. Small, large, or hourly—we work with businesses of all sizes to help them take back their business from inflexible, expensive plans filled with confusing and low-value service options. We build plans that work for your company—not a one-size-fits-none definition.

Funding Advantage for small business

Your small business shouldn’t have to accept health insurance that has benefits you can’t use, or don’t need. Ideal for employers with two or more employees, the Healthcare Highways Funding Advantage Plan for Small Businesses empowers your company to choose and pay for only the benefits that make healthcare affordable and high-performing for its unique needs.

We lower the risks of self-funding, lower monthly costs, and provide substantial refunds for healthy employee groups while offering high-quality service providers and fully-covered preventative health services. Coverage always include preventative health services covered 100 percent, major medical, and pharmacy management benefits.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

At CerpassRx, we focus on patients not profits. Formerly operating as Healthcare Highways Rx, CerpassRx built a reputation of providing innovative and proactive pharmacy solutions to members. Today, we continue the same member-focused approach and our mission is clear – to provide an exceptional member experience and to provide flexible and creative pharmacy solutions.

Care Coordination

Careways of Oklahoma, LLC, is a new joint venture partnership between Healthcare Highways Inc. and StratiFi Health. The Careways Care Management Program exists to improve the health of communities by proactively shaping the patient’s healthcare experience. Once members and their Primary Care Physician (PCP) set treatment goals, the care coordinator will monitor member progress and help eliminate any delays in treatment. Our care coordinators act as confidants, advisors, and coaches to help members fully understand their treatment plan and the expected outcomes, and the purpose and benefits of any prescribed medications.