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Solutions for Managing
Pharmacy Solutions

    • CerpassRx, our pharmacy benefits management solution, embeds with our health plan to administer employers’ pharmacy benefits while managing use down to the member level. For employers who have 10 or more employees, CerpassRx delivers employers and members a service-oriented solution that drives down costs.


    • We start by offering a variety of formulary options that give employers the ability to remain flexible while benefiting from cost savings. Communication and engagement are critical links to success: CerpassRx creates “moments of engagement” for members (covered employees and dependents), where the emphasis is placed on member satisfaction and on ensuring they understand their benefits and prescribed therapies.


  • Members have a variety of ways to find information and support, including a member portal, a mobile app, education, communication, and home delivery of maintenance medications.


Member Portal & Mobile App

Powered by GoodRx

Just one of many ways CerpassRx is here to support your pharmacy needs. Through the CerpassRx member portal and mobile app you gain access to…

  • Electronic refill reminders
  • Pharmacy-finder and cost comparison
  • Medication history

Additional ways to find information and support

Member education

Member education

and communication

Reminders for chronic medications that are filled late

Medication side effects and interactions

Insight into the lowest cost pharmacy

Mail and specialty

Mail and specialty


Home delivery mail service for maintenance medications

Specialty medications delivered through the mail from specialty providers

CerpassRx reduces overall spending through customized utilization management programs, flexible farmulary options, and comprehensive clinical programs.

Clinical management and use of analytics are reported back to you to support insightful decision-making.




CerpassRx data gives you access to comprehensive management reports that are tailored to your needs.