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Texas school districts are in crisis.

Texas has roughly 350,000 public school teachers and every year, 10% of them leave their job.[1] Teacher turnover has a cascading impact on our school districts, disrupting student education, straining hairline budgets with replacement efforts, and placing even more pressure on staff left behind.

Attracting teaching talent and remaining a competitive district is a challenge when budgets remain the same—or shrink. When teacher retention is an issue, it makes sense for districts to do all they can to take excellent care of their faculty and staff.

Healthcare is a big part of that equation

It’s hard to secure the care a family needs when mired in provider directories and complex medical bills. That’s why innovative school districts are offering alternative health plans that focus on care management and the primary care physician-to-patient relationship while reducing overall costs.

Our health plan offers an independent, high-performance network of accessible primary care physicians that excludes expensive providers with a history of overutilization, which drives up costs. Care coordination is a standard offering of our plan, not an expensive add-on, lowering the total cost of care sustainably, year over year.

Healthcare Highways Health Plan takes a less-is-more approach, carving out redundant or over-priced services and carving in high-quality, local physicians with a history of delivering positive patient outcomes.

The result is a cost savings of 20-30%.*

These savings can be effectively reallocated for other valuable initiatives — including recruitment and talent retention. By offering a health plan intentionally designed to maximize the strengths of the value-based-care model, districts can empower teachers and staff members to make the best provider choice for their families, keep more of their paychecks, and simplify their wellness journey.

The challenge to do more with less is nothing new to school administrators.

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*Savings estimates are based on select market averages, and may vary depending on the current health plan design, network choice, and other factors.

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