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From a Provider Support Team to a web-based Resource Center to a secure Provider Portal, we’re here to help you with your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on patient care.


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Supporting your patients

While you’re on the front line, providing quality care to your patients, we are supporting those members with their own Member Support Team, a web-based Member Resource Center, and a Member Portal. Delivering a consistently great experience keeps members involved and participating in their journey to wellness.

Healthcare Highways

High-value networks are an essential component of Healthcare Highways’ effort to reduce healthcare costs. But to be successful with the clients and members we serve, we must work with healthcare systems and participating providers to create value through demonstrated quality and service at a reduced cost.

In a Healthcare Highways partnership, providers lead the effort to keep healthcare local, so they can change their care models based on the local population’s needs. Through increased coordination and transparency, Healthcare Highways offers integrated network and plan benefits, along with data, reporting, and risk-management capabilities that allow providers to make outcomes-based decisions.

Care Coordination

This means providing our members with a better healthcare experience by collaborating with our network providers to design and provide the tools and actionable data they need to deliver better care to every member every day.

Our role is to strengthen appropriate and timely engagement between the primary care physician and the member so that members get the care they need at the right time and place. Practical applications include:

  • Engaging care coordinators to motivate individual members, help them navigate the healthcare journey, and reduce barriers to health.
  • Establishing defined care pathways based on each member’s health risk.
  • Measuring health care results and rewarding providers as our members get healthier.

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Partnering with you

We contract with providers who believe as we do: health plans should be collaborative, flexible and support progressive ideas that have the potential to improve the health of our members without being prescriptive. We seek providers with a track record of improving quality and lowering the cost of care. In our supportive role to participating providers, we focus resources on our core values:

  • Providing on-going support tools, data and resources to our care teams and members, enabling them to make better care decisions.
  • Providing more timely interventions on identified health problems of our members, tackling identified health risks earlier to avoid or reduce the occurrence of major health events.

Collaborating with you

We believe that care coordination is most effective when primary care providers and their care teams engage directly with their patients assisted by our supporting role. We also understand the importance of flexibility when meeting providers where they are in their own understanding and use of patient engagement. This means that care coordination sometimes is performed by Healthcare Highways Health Plan through our care coordinators and other times we leverage innovative and successful care coordination programs already established in provider practices.

Building a Defined Population

Allows us to manage patient information, costs, and performance across our full network of providers by:

  • Working with our client companies on benefit design and coverage strategies that consider the benefits of broad, high-value, and exclusive provider organization (EPO) solutions.
  • Negotiating directly with providers to build proprietary networks that balance affordable care with consumer choice.

An Incentive for you

Providers may participate* in bonuses for both practice efficiencies and quality outcomes.

  • Bonus Measurement: Efficiency. Providers who manage their patients’ health with quality care at a lower aggregate cost than the market average (after risk adjusting for health differences) receive an annual financial bonus for each panel member.
  • Bonus Enhancement: Quality. Ten key metrics, ranging from immunization compliance to cancer screenings to controlling diabetic and hypertension scores are also considered when determining the bonus amount.
  • *Participation requirements apply.