Welcome! And let us start by saying that everything we do is focused on you and your covered family members. Your good health and wellbeing are what makes us jump out of bed in the morning! We’re so glad that you’re here.

We are honored to be partnering with your employer to provide you with affordable, high-quality healthcare solutions.

We find that members like you select our networks or health and pharmacy plans in order to have a more affordable choice, to have access to quality providers, and to enjoy our simple and convenient care experience.


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Important items to remember

  • All the information you need to go to an appointment with a provider is printed on your member ID card. Keep it handy when you speak to a customer service representative or when you use your online Member Portal. On the front of the card, you’ll find your group name and number and your member number, which you will use for anything related to your health and/or pharmacy plan. The back of your card reminds you how to reach us if you need answers or help.
  • For Healthcare Highways Health Plan members, please remember that you must obtain pre-certification for all hospital admissions, some outpatient surgeries, and several other services noted in your plan. Failure to do so may result in a reduction of benefits. Please call the appropriate number below to pre-certify and to get more details.
    • For group numbers that start with “HH” (in Oklahoma and Texas), call 866.353.8162. For group numbers that start with “HH” (in Louisiana), call 866.547.4255 For group numbers that start with “HP” (in all states), call 844.808.1247.
  • Check your Member Benefit Handbook for out-of-network options. You may not have to use in-network providers for all your care, but your out-of-pocket costs will be lower if you do. If your plan does not include an out-of-network benefit, then it is unlikely to cover any expenses that are related to an out-of-network provider.
  • As a member, you have rights and responsibilities. We’ve posted a statement of those rights and responsibilities in the Member Resource Center.

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