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Founded in 2010 and led by an experienced Executive Team from the health plan and consulting industries, we bring candor, collaboration, ingenuity, over 340 years of combined healthcare experience, and drive to our client relationships. The results are flexible, affordable, and results-oriented solutions for employers, members, and providers.

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Michael G. Wilson
CEO Healthcare Highways

I’m the head cheerleader of Healthcare Highways, a father of two, and a leader of hundreds that believes collaboration breeds candor, integrity, ingenuity, and drive! This company is building products and services that disrupt the marketplace, challenging historical ways of doing business with a desired outcome. This is our way of doing business.

Alan Scoggins
President Healthcare Highways

Blessed with a wonderful wife, daughter, and two granddaughters I ensure we implement our vision with integrity, because without integrity nothing else matters.

Mike Ryan
Executive Vice President of Sales; Healthcare Highways

I oversee the Sales, Customer Service, Operations, and Financial Teams for Century Healthcare. I enjoy collaboration in the development and training of a best-in-class customer service model with our team and playing golf with my sons, friends, and business associates.

Creagh Milford, DO, MPH
Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Highways

I'm a senior executive leader responsible for clinical strategy and operations, husband, father, and avid fly-fisherman. I enjoy being part of an incredible management team dedicated to changing healthcare and improving value while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Marc Pinney
Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare Highways

I oversee the ongoing operations of Healthcare Highways and work to continuously advance our products and services. I enjoy being a part of a company that has the desire and drive to improve health plan performance and member experience for our clients, our members and the providers who care for them. On the personal front, I am a devoted husband, father of three great kids and, not coincidentally, a bourbon enthusiast.

Brian Wallach
Executive Vice President, Provider Networks; Healthcare Highways

I build and manage provider networks, ski, always keep an eye open for fresh snow, and create levels of collaboration with key network providers in unprecedented ways for the healthcare industry.

Bliss Brazil
Controller & Finance Executive, Healthcare Highways, Inc.

I direct the Finance and Accounting Operations for all Healthcare Highways entities and assist in all acquisitions and investment activities for the Enterprise. I really enjoy working hard and having the ability to create more efficient processes and structure for our organization. I am a mother of a new baby girl, and I love being part of an organization that focuses on everyone being their best and allows them to turn their ideas into reality.

Travis Crenshaw
Chief Technology & Privacy Officer; Healthcare Highways

I provide strategic direction for technology and oversee compliance with HIPAA regulations for all HCH subsidiaries. Family man, woodworker, photographer, and believer in doing the right thing all the time and not compromising on core values.

Brett Coleman
President of Healthcare Highways of Oklahoma; Healthcare Highways

I'm responsible for network strategy, management, and provider relations for our Oklahoma market, a father of two baseball-fanatic teenage boys, and an avid fan of the OKC Thunder.

Chris Wilson
Senior Vice President of Business Development; Healthcare Highways

I lead the Sales Team while delivering results with innovative and forward-thinking solutions for customers. We’re continually building and improving. I'm also a Gym Ninja, father of two, foodie, and live music enthusiast that enjoys being a market leader in innovation in an industry that desperately needs to evolve.

Clair Canada
Senior Vice President, Network Operations; Healthcare Highways

I'm responsible for our network operations including data, claims, directories, and customer service and a mother in awe of my daughter. She teaches me that I am great just the way I am. I enjoy rigorous debate in efforts to achieve the best possible solution.

Rhonda Ovalle
Senior Vice President Provider Network Management, Healthcare Highways, Inc.

I build, manage, and service our provider networks in Texas. I believe collaboration is one of the keys to success. Daily, I see us come together to make a difference in the healthcare community. I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and an awesome son. We love the Houston Astros, traveling, and we’ve never met a pool we didn’t like.

Nancy Buttyan
Senior Vice President, Marketing; Healthcare Highways

I'm responsible for developing and executing a unified marketing, digital, and communications strategy that supports business growth and enhances brand awareness. A devoted wife, proud mom, obsessed reader, creative baker, lazy gardener, and lousy bowler, I find beauty in open expression, honesty, respect, fairness, and impartiality. It forces us to be clear in our positions, promises, and communication. Doing so creates a culture of feedback and collaboration that are essential to a transformative organization.

Mitch McCauley
Vice President, Business Development; Healthcare Highways

I'm responsible for business development for all Healthcare Highways products and arguably the most blessed man on the planet. (Proof? My wife, children, and extended family.) I'm a firm believer that everything in life and business should begin with a solid foundation of high integrity.

Theresa Simonsen
Vice President, Business Development; Healthcare Highways

I strategically identify opportunities to build and maintain long lasting relationships with customers who are wanting unique and effective solutions to solve their current healthcare crisis and love playing golf (ever so poorly). I enjoy being part of an organization where each member within has the level of integrity that I would personally expect as a consumer of healthcare solutions for myself and my family. We go above and beyond and do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Sara Payne
Vice President of Business Development of Texas, Healthcare Highways Inc.

I’m building the Houston market by delivering the best-in-class health plan and benefit administration products, services, and solutions. I thrive on being surrounded by like-minded people that have the drive to achieve ambitious goals. My husband, two boys, and I live life to the fullest, and we’re huge Astros fans!

Shelly White
Executive Support Director, Healthcare Highways Inc.

I manage the company’s administrative resources and corporate support needs. I take great pride in collaborating with our CEO and executives to ensure that Healthcare Highways runs smoothly and efficiently. When we learn to lean into our own strengths and appreciate the strengths of others, we excel as individuals and can better succeed as a team through our collective ingenuity. Of all the things that make me proud, my beautiful family tops the list.

Wynne Marko-Lebron
Executive Director of HR & Facility Operations, Healthcare Highways, Inc.

I’m responsible for all areas related to Human Resources, Recruitment, and Strategy for five facility locations and build-out projects. It’s my belief that it’s always best to speak openly and say what you are thinking. I’m happy to be with a company that welcomes candor as a critical part of communication. I enjoy spending time with my husband Hector, traveling, and visiting new places.

Amanda James
SVP of Population Health and ACO Services; Healthcare Highways, Inc.

I have accountability for clinical operations and performance across Healthcare Highways health plan, Payer Services, and HighCare. Life is like training to run a marathon. You can’t set a goal like that without being aggressive in the pursuit of finishing the marathon. I’m not about to run a marathon, but in the same way, once I've narrowed in on a goal, I pursue that goal relentlessly. Outside of the office, we are perpetually busy, humbly raising our four littles, one-mistake at a time.

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