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A New Healthcare Solution

As a broker/consultant, your clients look to you for accurate and timely advice and recommendations about the healthcare industry. As regional and national health plan choices become increasingly limited and more expensive, Healthcare Highways offers new and innovative alternatives.

We have strong relationships with the providers in our networks, as their interests are the same as ours—to provide employers and their employees with more choice, better access, and lower costs.

While the focus on health insurance is usually expense, employers’ and their employees’ experience is an important part of the program. Insurance carriers who have dominated the market and enjoyed a pricing advantage have little incentive to provide exceptional service and flexibility.

However, our entrance into the market with more competitive overall pricing, coupled with a best-in-class service partner model will allow your clients to lower their costs while benefitting from an improved level of service.


Flexibility and Choice

Control and Transparency

    • Data that you and your clients own and that can be used to gain insights to improve healthcare outcomes
    • The control and financial benefits of a self-funded solution that addresses your unique needs

Quality Solutions and Outcomes

    • Innovative and acclaimed vendor partners
    • Quality providers and healthcare facilities
    • Improved healthcare outcomes that are supported by data-driven insights

    Client Satisfaction

      • Dedicated customer service solutions for your clients and your employees
      • 100% of savings returned to your clients

    Let’s start a conversation about opportunities for you and your clients. We can also schedule time for a demonstration of our employer portal.