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What Are ACOs? (And How They Affect Your Company’s Health Benefits)
August 14, 2019

Question: What Are ACOS? ANSWER: ACOs or “Accountable Care Organizations” are a payment and delivery system comprised of networks of specialists, hospitals, physicians, surgeons, and pharmacies that collaborate to provide coordinated care for a patient population. This approach makes improving quality of care while simultaneously lowering the total cost of care (TCOC) possible by eliminating  … Read more

Why Inappropriate Healthcare Matters & What Employers Can Do About It
July 31, 2019

You understand the financial perils of the Fee-For-Service (FFS) model, you know pharmacists are qualified to aid employees along their healthcare journey (though underutilized), and you regularly share articles about the power of value-based care to lower healthcare costs for you and your employees while improving their health outcomes over time on LinkedIn.(Catch up on  … Read more

Fee For Service vs Capitation: What, Why & How It Affects Employers
July 17, 2019

In our article “Value-based Care Fee-for-Service: What’s The Difference?” we discussed the importance of VBC as a long-term solution for self-insured employers seeking financial control over their annual employee health benefit package costs. Value-based care can come in the form of more than one model, like capitation (read more below). From our previous post: FEE  … Read more

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