| October 5, 2018

Healthcare Highways executives bring over 340 Years Direct Health care Experience to Healthcare Highways Quote


Our subject matter experts share their insights here in our Subject Matter Expert Series. Considering high-performance networks as a self-insured employer (should you or shouldn’t you), increasing healthcare costs (over $14,000 per employee!), and defining “quality” in healthcare (we found the formula) are in focus this month.

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Our Chief Medical Officer Creagh Milford, DO, MPH FACOI explains the four key pillars of healthcare’s evolving definition of “quality care.”

Healthcare is Hurting Your Margins—fight back.

Our Senior Vice President of Business Development Chris Wilson, explains how.

What will healthcare cost you and your organization next year?

Find out, at a glance.

Not ready to try a high-performance network, yet?

Employee health plan costs are profit-cripplingly high. Our Senior Vice President of Business Development Chris Wilson, shares five ways to maximize the value of the plan you have right now.

High-Performance Networks: When the Past Becomes the Future—Again. 

Our Executive Vice President of Provider Networks Brian Wallach separates fact from fiction about HPNs.