HEALTHCARE AND YOUR COMPANY: Everything You Need To Know To Take Back Control

admin | November 8, 2019

Healthcare benefit costs are devouring your budget, workforce productivity, and employee raises.

For employers ready to:

take back control of their second largest expense after pay roll,

provide affordable, high-quality health care benefits,

retain top talent,

protect their profit margins.

and meet shareholder expectations


–value-based care (VBC), care coordination, ACOs, Fee for Service (FFS), aren’t buzzwords—they’re critical business knowledge.


Healthcare and Your Company:

Everything You Need To Know To Take Back Control

You Weren’t Invited to Your Health Coverage Negotiations (And Why)

Self-Insurance by The Numbers

Five Ways to Maximize Your Current Health Plan

How Healthcare Benefits Are Key to Retaining Top Millennial (And Gen Z) Talent

Why Inappropriate Healthcare Matters and What Employers Can Do About It


The only sustainable, healthcare benefit solution that lowers the total cost of care year-over-year while improving employee health outcomes long-term is a self-insured, value-based care health plan, like Healthcare Highways Health Plan.


This isn’t marketing spin.

It’s the everyday reality of businesses like yours grappling with today’s healthcare industry.


The status quo offered by large, national insurers is unsustainable:

Bloated, legacy networks of national insurance carriers are filled with unvetted providers and specialists

Lack of population health data transparency and accessibility

Annually rising health costs with lack of population health oversight

A lack of measurable, long-term improvement in employee health outcomes


Our free, instant download guide provides employers with the knowledge required to lead your company on the path to give more and pay less—year over year.

Healthcare and Your Company: Everything You Need To Know To Take Back Control, today.


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Creagh_Milford_DO_MPH_FACOI_Chief Medical Officer of Healthcare Highways

CREAGH MILFORD DO, MPH, FACOI | Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Highways Chief Medical Officer of Healthcare Highways, Inc., and a National Academies of Medicine Fellow, Creagh Milford DO, MPH, FACOI has held senior executive positions with FullWell, Mercy Health, Massachusetts General Physician Organization, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Partners Healthcare. He holds a Doctor of Osteopathy from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a master’s degree in Health Management and Policy from the Harvard School of Public Health, where he continues to guest lecture. He also held positions with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department of Health and Human Services. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter and enjoy more of his industry insights, here.

Marc_Pinney_Chief of Operations of Healthcare Highways


MARC PINNEY | Chief Operations Officer, Healthcare Highways Mr. Pinney’s extensive career began as a sales representative and later Vice President of Sales for Gallagher Benefit Administrators. A Senior Benefits Consultant at Holmes Murphy & Associates after that, he then brought his deep expertise to Healthcare Highways.


Vice President of Provider Networks of Healthcare Highways Brian_Wallach_Rounded

BRIAN WALLACH | Vice President of Provider Networks, Healthcare Highways Mr. Wallach has more than twenty-five years of provider network management experience.   His extensive experience and knowledge of provider network management comes from diverse roles such as  planning and building provider networks at a start-up company like Oscar Health to managing Cigna Healthcare’s 90,000+ provider network in 18 states located throughout the southeastern U.S. to being responsible for network assessment, building and maintenance of the provider network around the globe for Cigna International. Mr. Wallach holds a Juris Doctor degree in Healthcare Law form the University of Houston. Read more of his industry insights here.

Chris_Wilson_Senior Vice President of Health Plan for Healthcare Highways


CHRIS WILSON | Senior Vice President, Business Development; Healthcare Highways Mr. Wilson brought his experiences founding brokerage firm CJW & associates, LLC and serving as Senior Producer for Arthur J. Gallagher to the role of Vice President of Sales for Healthcare Highways. Now Senior Vice President of Health Plans of Healthcare Highways, Inc. his dedication to excellence has proven invaluable. Follow him for more insights here.