Chris Wilson senior vice president of business development of healthcare highways breakway broker

  A breakaway broker is willing to break away from healthcare’s unsustainable status quo to have the unique opportunity to position him or herself as subject matter experts in value-based health plans. The benefits market is racing towards health plans built upon data transparency and measurable, long-term returns versus discounts. This re-alignment of client-consultant interests could be the single most important change in the health plan delivery space. During this transitional period, consultants can elevate their perceived and actual value to trusted advisor status as opposed to a commodity service, becoming a “breakaway broker.”  

Never has there been a better opportunity for consultants and brokers to redefine and maximize their value in the health insurance profession.

Employers are rapidly waking up to the reality that value-based benefits equal more than the most providers for the deepest discount. Clients are demanding transparency, flexibility, and measurable ROI on their healthcare dollars. In a performance-based arrangement, the breakaway broker can build creative compensation packages that allow for variable compensation to be earned based on achieving specific metrics and maintaining pre-defined standards. Clients will have a consultative partner as they build the best-fit option for their company based on utilization and employee health outcome data. Bonuses and incentives bind brokers and consultants to unvetted broad-networks and short-lived, discount-driven savings. Their captivity allows large national carriers to leverage well-intentioned brokerage firms to increase their market and profit share at the expense of employers’ profits, employee wages, and the overall economy.

BREAKAWAY BROKER: Change is here.

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