Retaining high-value employees in the face of furloughs and salary cuts requires an affordable benefits package that sustainably and measurably supports and improves employee health long-term. Health insurance benefits are useless if the company can ill afford the employer contributions and its employees lack the time, transportation, or financial resources to utilize them. This is particularly true for Millennials who are willing to opt out of this experience all together with the tap of an app and a visit to an urgent care center; gaining convenience at the cost of the long-term health improvement gains that lower premium costs over time for their employers. 

Assessing the ROI of a benefits package requires measuring: 

1) the business-critical impact of improved employee population health,  2) if this increased intervention is improving management of chronic care conditions without hospital interventions, and  3) if total-cost-of care per employee is steadily decreasing.    To do this employers’ health plans must empower them to properly manage population health by providing full control and access to their companies’ health data. Our health plan provides the transparency and access empoyers need for meaningful reporting and prudent decision-making for the health of their company and employees.  You can’t control COVID-19, but you can take back control of your company and your healthcare costs.      REFERENCES [i]