Healthcare Highways is building a smoother path to the intersection of affordability and quality healthcare.

Employers (large companies, small businesses, and employers of hourly/part-time workforces) partner with us to provide affordable and quality health plans, pharmacy benefit management solutions, and other healthcare offerings to their employees and their employees’ dependents. Our flexibility allows employers to create their ideal program using some or all of our options, in any combination.

Large Companies

Small Business


Health Plans


Searching for healthcare can be a bumpy road


A workforce where 48%

have at least one chronic



Where over the past 10 years,

employers’ total contributions

to premium costs is up 58%,


and employees’ total

contribution jumped 80%.


Waste accounts for 37%

of the US’s total

spending on healthcare

Why choose Healthcare Highways?

Every team member across our family of companies knows that the things that truly matter for your healthcare success can be counted on one hand:

The right access to care, and that means quality providers that are conveniently located, as well as paying for what you need and not for what you don’t.

Networks and benefits that integrate into a plan that works, day in and day out, without a lot of fuss or work on your end.

Owning and having access to your data when and how you need it, and trust that everyone who is working on your plan is working to improve healthcare outcomes while driving down cost.

Low total cost of care. Period.

Your employees’ engagement and experience with your plan.

Working for you

  • We work for our clients, and that means having dedicated account managers who know clients personally, understand their unique needs, stay in touch, solve problems, and are completely empowered to do what’s right.
  • We also empower employers to self-serve in whatever ways work best for them through our online employer portal or our interactive voice service.
  • Our tailored enrollment materials streamline your communication and implementation processes, support the efforts of your busy HR team, and engage your employees with welcoming and easy-to-understand messages.

Working for your employees

  • When we connect with your employees, we are representing Healthcare Highways, but we are also representing you. Our members (your covered employees and covered dependents) become engaged and responsible partners and are central to everything we do.

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