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Small group health plan

Small-business owners shouldn’t have to buy health insurance that has benefits they can’t use. The ideal health plan lets an employer choose the benefits it needs and benefit from its own healthy workforce—and makes healthcare affordable for everyone. That’s what the Healthcare Highways Funding Advantage Health Plan for Small Businesses does.

  • Advantages for employers
    • Limits the risk of self-funding
    • Lowers monthly costs
    • Provides substantial refunds for healthy groups
  • Advantages for members (covered employees and covered dependents)
    • Offers choice with in-network providers
    • Is simple to use with multiple ways to get support
    • Improves health with fully covered preventive health services

Our Health Plan

Customized for small business

So what does a good health plan look like for small-business owners and employees? We think the right solution should be:

  • Affordable
    • Contributions from both employers and employees
    • Affordable pricing that allows employees to consider adding dependents
    • Risk-mitigation factors that protect the employer from excessive unexpected costs
    • Risk mitigation factors protect employer from excessive claims
    • A high-value solution that offers low cost, quality care
  • Flexible
    • Benefits that can be selected to align with budget constraints
    • Benefits that can be selected to align with diverse workforces
    • Employees that can be added as a business grows
  • Predictable
    • Costs are pre-determined and level throughout the year
    • Individual medical underwriting adds clarity when forecasting claim activity when plan costs are set
    • An established claims process with clear accountability
  • Simple
    • An administrative process with monthly reporting
    • Multiple ways to get the support you need
    • Easy access to web portals for self-service for employers and members
    • Telephonic customer service support
    • Medical and pharmacy in a combined solution
  • The Healthcare Highways Funding Advantage Health Plan for Small Business covers
    • Preventive health services at 100%
    • Major medical
    • Pharmacy