Who We Are

Healthcare Highways, Inc. is the parent company of several businesses that together provide affordable and efficient standalone healthcare and network solutions and integrated health plans with proprietary high-value networks. When we enter a market, we face off with the status quo by changing how healthcare solutions are used to address the rising cost of healthcare.

Operating Companies

Century Healthcare (CHC)

Limited benefits plans, MEC, MVP for

companies with hourly/part-time



Supplemental medical insurance

Healthcare Highways Rx

Pharmacy benefit-managment services

Healthcare Highways Health Plan

Integrated products for

large companies (more than 100 employees)

and small businesses (2-100 employees)


Care coordination / population health

Joint venture with Stratifi Health

Prophet Health

Network-management services

Network Companies

HCH of Oklahoma

Includes Oklahoma Health Network’s

(OHN) statewide broad networks and

high-performance networks

HCH of Texas

Statewide high-performance networks

HCH of Louisiana

50% of Verity HealthNet

Statewide high-performance networks