Healthcare Highways Health Plans

Healthcare Highways Health Plans

For employers with more than 100 employees, Healthcare Highways Health Plans (HCH Health Plans) offers fully customized plan options. Using the HCH PPO network as the “core” network product, employers are free to add additional benefits and services covering the healthcare spectrum to create a fully integrated solution. All HCH Health Plan product partners are carefully selected based on quality, cost and service securing pricing competitive with industry leading health plans.

TPA Administration

Working with our preferred partners, HCH Health Plan offers mid-range to large size employers competitive health plan administration options. We have vetted what we believe to be the highest quality administrators in the country who specialize in customized administration and offer high-touch customer service.

Stop-Loss Coverage

Today, many employers elect to self-fund their employee health plans to take advantage of benefits such as plan design flexibility, and savings. But the potential risks can be as significant as the rewards. Stop-loss insurance is a critical consideration for employers of all sizes who may decide to self-fund their medical plan benefits while limiting the associated risk. Embedded in our partially self-funded, small group Funding Advantage product, and customizable by mid-to large size employers; HCH Health Plan has competitively priced partners who deliver exceptional service for employers.

Medical Management

Offering competitive network discounts certainly helps to reduce employers’ overall health plan costs; but equally important is the selection of a comprehensive medical management program designed to control costs associated with chronic and complex medical conditions. Through our specialized medical management partners, HCH Health Plan offers customized medical management programs as well as health and wellness programs to help employers be proactive with their employee’s health, and addressing rising healthcare costs.

Pharmacy Benefit Management Services

Our sister company, Healthcare Highways Rx is a comprehensive Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) program available to employers with 10 or more employees. Healthcare Highways Rx offers:

  • Customized, competitively priced programs to meet clients’ economic and clinical needs
  • An expansive network of well-known and respected, local-community pharmacies
  • Real-time system access to assist employers with managing their pharmacy benefit program
  • Visit our HCH Rx website pages for more info

Population Health

HCH Health Plan provides a cutting-edge, user friendly, fully integrated health information system which includes population health management tools designed to measure individual member and overall organizational health risk levels as well as assess the effectiveness, quality and utilization of healthcare providers. Our web-based systems are capable of generating reports easily and quickly to meet the growing demands for information and solutions. We stratify our approach across each plan’s data, initiatives and strategy with a keen focus on utilization trends, Rx benchmarking/formulary, catastrophic case analysis, medical management review, claims analysis and predictive modeling.

Customized Wellness Programs

Healthcare Highways, through our preferred partners, can assist employers in designing customized wellness programs to reduce cost and improve the health of their employees.

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