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A Collaborative Partner

As a collaborative partner, we understand the challenges associated with finding affordable, flexible healthcare for employees. Healthcare Highways (HCH) offers more choice and a new model that manages healthcare costs for employers and members.

HCH is first and foremost, an innovative PPO network partnering with best-in-class hospitals, providers and payers to deliver customized health plan solutions. HCH entered the Oklahoma market on Jan. 1, 2014; entered the Louisiana market in April, 2015 with the acquisition of Verity HealthNet, and will be building out Texas in late 2015, in order to provide employers with a cost competitive alternative to existing health plans.

We provide top-level network discounts competitive with industry leading health plans keeping your healthcare related expenses under control. We have strong relationships with the providers in our network whose interests are aligned with ours—to provide employers and members with more choice, better access and lower costs.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Network offerings
  • Funding Advantage Program 10-100 Life Employers
  • Customizable health plans for Employers over 100 lives
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Services

HCH works closely with employers and their broker/consultant, to create the best overall benefit plan solution. Talk to you broker/consultant today or Contact Us directly.