Focused Contracting Drives Transparency and Manages Costs

admin | May 25, 2018

The benefits of a network built by contracting directly with providers and leveraging reference-based pricing to help drive transparency are proven. We should know–we’ve brought it to Texas. Indiana, too, is finding great returns in pricing transparency and better patient and primary care physician relationships.

As reported by EBA:

“The concept that an employer will steer their member’s medical services to a particular provider(s) in exchange for greater discounts is sound,” [Benefits Advisor Jeffery] Fox writes in his book, Breaking Through the Status Quo: How innovative companies are changing the benefits game to help their employees and boost their bottom line. “Successful ‘preferred seller’ arrangements exist in many forms in our economy, but not in healthcare.”

This is the kind of ingenious thinking and competition-inspiring action we’re excited to bring to Texas in our mission to challenge healthcare to do better.

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