About Us

About Healthcare Highways

Entrepreneurial Spirit and the drive to do things differently

Healthcare Highways was founded in 2010 by Michael Wilson who has spent the last 30+ years identifying and addressing the top challenges in the US healthcare system. With deep experience in creating PPO networks in Texas and Oklahoma, as well as a national TPA and Benefit Consulting firm, Michael and his team have been able to develop creative solutions for employers, providers and payers.

Healthcare Highways is a forward thinking company with a singular mission: lower the cost of health care for members, providers and employers. We are not a reactive healthcare company; instead, we look five years ahead and design solutions that meet current and near-term challenges. We understand that change is extremely difficult and confusing for consumers and employers. Our objective is to drive positive, meaningful change, smoothing the transition to where we are headed as an industry, without sacrificing the quality of care that Americans expect and deserve.

Healthcare Highways is a new, innovative health plan partnered with providers, employers, payers and other strategic business relationships to develop and offer a real choice in the delivery of healthcare. We have collaborated with “best in class” vendors to develop customized health plan solutions that offer real choice and assist providers and employers in managing healthcare costs.

Mission Healthcare Highways

To provide an integrated business model that will offer employers and providers a choice in the delivery of healthcare in local markets; by creating competition thereby reducing healthcare costs.